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     I had a beautiful rug in my front room. There was a story to how it had come in my possession and it was my pride and joy. But over the years it had gotten rather grubby, after facing a lot of foot traffic. It had no idea how to go about cleaning it. Luckily, Carpet Cleaning Company Eastcote came to the rescue. I'm so glad I sought out their rug cleaning service. Thanks to the team, my rug looks good as new.
Laurie H19/05/2020
     When it was time to move my mom into an assisted living apartment, I called Eastcote Carpet Cleaner. They are one of the best cleaning services. Best service and very competitive pricing!
Earl Peterson20/09/2019
     The cleaners sent by Carpet Cleaning Company Eastcote were helpful and friendly. I can't find a bad word to write about them. They were brilliant throughout.
Ron M.11/06/2018
     I have small children, and they are constantly rough on my furniture, so I hired Carpet Cleaning Company Eastcote to see if they could come do an upholstery cleaning and make it look better. My couch looks amazing! It's a great deal having it done professionally versus replacing furniture!
Tonya C.28/07/2017
     I tried multiple ways of hiding the stain on my carpet. I moved furniture onto it, then a rug (which would then get its own stain) until I called Carpet Cleaning Company Eastcote. Rather than hiding it, I could get rid of it with their help. Their cleaner took care of the stain on my carpet in no time. She was able to banish it, so no trace remained. I can now arrange my living room the way I want thanks to them, rather than arranging it to hide the stains.
John Austin31/07/2015
     I co own a restaurant, and before the start of a hectic week, I always schedule a thorough clean with the good people at EastcoteCarpetCleaners. As a company, they are fantastic - they're very easy to talk to and booking an appointment with them couldn't be simpler. The cleaners too are very friendly and dependable - even early in the morning when I hire them. They did a great job with the place, and are well worth the money. I started using them a few months ago and I was impressed then, and still very much am to this day!
Melanie Y.29/08/2014

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